IMG_2266I originally put off doing an about me post because it’s difficult to walk the fine line between being too awkward and being too serious. But of my choice between the two, my friends would say I fit the “awkward” category. So here’s an awkward picture of my face. Besides woodworking and wood burning, I am a tatted up fifth grade teacher spending my days inspiring young minds and battling technology for their attention. I greatly enjoy curriculum design and bring my artistic flair to the classroom with me. I have two dogs and live on the outskirts of Austin, Texas where I am allowed to thrive and collaborate with many local artisans. If I’m not building or creating something with my hands, you’ll find me writing, or hanging out with friends doing all manner of active, outdoorsy nonsense like climbing and foot golf. While education is my job, creating is my passion. One that I strive to improve and further each day.

The name “Until Lions” is a shortened version of the phrase adorning my inner bicep: until lions 3“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.”  This business and artistic mindset I have developed came out of a difficult time in my life.  This phrase reminds me daily to keep picking myself up out of the dirt and brushing off the pain.  I strive to find the “lions” in the every day and when possible, burn them into wood to create beautiful pieces worthy of hanging on a wall.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in the creation of a custom wood burning piece.