Map of the World

“Map of the World” large wood burned wall decor of a map drawn up in the 1700s!

Date Complete: January 27, 2018

Dimensions: 4 ft x 3 ft

Material: 1/8 inch pine plywood

Duration: 90 hours

Destination: Looking for a home!

Other images (click to view larger):

Other Info: This project started out being just for fun, but slowly made its way into becoming my largest and favorite piece yet.  The celtic knotwork in the borders was inspired by my own tattoos.  The map itself was drawn using a mercator projection created in the 1700s.  I sanded the plywood with 400 grit before beginning so that I could get the crisp lines I was looking for.  The finished piece represents about 6 months of work off and on.

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